Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in the ayer~ ay ayer..ayer ay ayer..

owh hot damn..this is my jamm..hahhah~ ^.^
Well.. not much to explain here..just wants you guyz to enjoy the fun we had thru the picturess. hehehh

from left: kak pujah, kak cima, fatin, Ushy, yours truly and alin

ermm..it's us making our moves to the fun park

in the cable car, moving freely side to side..

kak cima, kak pujah and fatin..in the so-called pirate ship. haha [yang kat Danga Bay tu lagi rase thrill kot dr yang ni..]

me running away happily from the dino pervert@ eater

i'm still waiting for the explaination from ushy.. why you did this????

"when i say jump, you say how high.."

we are posers, but we never stab each other's back. InsyaALLAH~

ouhhh..how cute Mr.puRpy is..

ya..that uncle was lookin at kak pujah after she performed some classical indian dance [with the shawl moves..ala..the typical dance..atas bukit slalu tu..haha]

it's hot and cold up there..

discussing ushy's bad behavior..

owh..we are lovely charming sisters..haha

kak pujah shud come here often..

owh yeahh..we doo lovvee the SNAKE.

uhukks, eksen je brani, step macho r?

we, in the flying coaster..huhh

yeahhhh! i'm so-in-love with this space shot. Adrenalin pumpin! [nak suh bapak bli satu la letak blakang umah..kn ushy?]

ya..we also wet ourselves..nice

the first splash, which is way more better than the second one..

huuhh..malas cakap, sampai cramp kaki..

huhu..yepp bumper boating..nice.. :)

me, mr.pUrpy and the treeman.. [i won mr.pUrpy dlm game baling ring masuk botol..]

So far, this has been my best-est day out with my sisters, sangat seronok till now i still gelak teringat jeritan mereka, hahaha. Yeayy guyz..we really had fun!!

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