Monday, December 14, 2009

Kau pergi...

First of all..takziah untuk family Syed Mohassain (Pak Habib) Yang baru meninggalkan kita semalam 13.12.09, jam 10.43 mlm.

Pak Habib that i know :

  • My dad's best friend. I think i never seen them as friend but brothers even though there is no blood relation between us.
  • Like a father to me.
  • The funniest man and a great joker I've ever met.
  • Great cook. Always dapat tempahan untuk masak Beriyani. He's an expert, trust me.
  • Always call my mom to ask the lauk my mom cooked that day, and he will come to have dinner at our place.
  • Love my mom's salt-fish curry.
  • Close with my dad's siblings.
  • owned by a beautiful wife, 2 daughters and 2 sons.

He is diagnosed with liver cancer and Hepatitis C. He only knew about the cancer last month and it's already at stage 4, (the final stage of cancer i think) and it was after he insisted to know from the doctor about the disease. The Doctor said he has at least 1 year to live..but..i think god loves him more...

Innalillahiwa'innalillahirraji'un.. Al-Fatihah~

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