Friday, January 22, 2010

A must see movie!

Ya..its AVATAR..i know many people talked about it, so what? As this is my blog, it's up to me to spill my point of view about this movie. [cewah..eksen gile ek..]

Huhu.. I'm totally in love with this movie. Seriously. Great story line, great acts, fantastic graphic effect etc..that's it. If you asked me anything about this movie, you will feel the sense of positiveness in each answers that I'll give. Trust me. Because I LOVE the movie. Huhu.. some people may say : 'ala..bias seyh..ko suke bleh r ko ckp gitu . Yes! Of course! Is there anybody crazy enough to admit that he/she loves anything he/she hates? But logically i don't think anybody would say NO to this movie after they watched it. Even if there are those people, for me, they all are 'buta seni' or 'art blind' [confident nih] or 'know nothing bout art'. Huhu.. Again, haters will say that i'm bias.

Hehe, however, I'm not gonna waste the time by being emotional purposely. Haha. Here are some sneak peek from the movie: Kaki's a must see movie for you~ Love it! [thrillion time] (kire r kalau terer)

Eywa ngahu...

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